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Colette Rivers-Memory Lake

Had this album drop into my inbox just the other day from Colette Rivers who has recently brought out her new album Memory Lake. A little...

Matthew Dunn-Parasites

Had this album come into our inbox the other day from Matthew Dunn who we have reviewed before and were impressed by his music and his...

Becky Hill - Last Time

Christmas 2020 was a tine of year that was different to most year but one thing that was prominent was the Christmas adverts. Every year...

Eleni C - Bland and White

Rising UK pop star Eleni C continues her hot streak with her upcoming release of new single “Black and White”. Eleni fuses addictive...

Asher Knight - Alone

We have recently been sent the new single from Asher Knight called Alone. Asher is a 22 year old singer/songwriter from Bradford, UK and...

Cat Lines - 11 Days In

Cat Lines is a violinist and singer-songwriter. Originally from Texas, she considers Taylor Swift, Coldplay and Sara Barielles and Ed...

Eleri Angharad - Delete it

Eleri Angharad is a country and pop artist from Swansea, Wales. Inspired by a North American road trip where she performed in Nashville,...

Brandon Bing - Dyin Breed

We have recently been sent the brand new single from Country star Brandon Bing .Brandon is an independent singer / songwriter who...

Eleni C - Tug of War

We were recently sent the brand new single by up and coming pop star Eleni C. The London-based singer/songwriter is back and even more...

Sam Hinds - Rolling Stone

We were recently sent the new EP from Sam Hinds called Rolling Stone. Sam is a singer-songwriter from the midlands, UK and has recently...

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