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You catch me just settling down as i put the kids to bed after more home learning thanks to this long lay off due to the coronavirus. My name is Dave and i have been working along side some amazing unsigned and independent artists now for over a year.

i have worked as a show producer for Sound Radio Wales on the show Saz Moulson' Feel Good Friday. We have produced a very successful features called Unsigned Artist of the Week where we oringinally started which one unsigned act a week to feature.

This then got to busy and we started doing two Unsigned Artists every week and now we are looking at doing an Unsigned Hour. Yes a whole hour dedicate to unsigned artists and all their music.

So this blog will be a follow on from this feture where we will feature new up and coming songs and also some great songs we have featured on the show as well, to give you some knowledge and recommendations to the great music we feature on the show.

Thank you for your time and if you yourself are an unsigned act and would like to feature then please message me me on the contact page 

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