Eleri Angharad - Delete it

Eleri Angharad is a country and pop artist from Swansea, Wales. Inspired by a North American road trip where she performed in Nashville, Chicago and New York; Eleri writes and performs music that captures the traditional country music storytelling with catchy pop melodies. She draws influences from James Taylor, Kacey Musgraves, Taylor Swift and many more from that road trip.

Eleri released a handful of EP’s before capturing her sound on her 2019 debut album ‘Earthbound’. Captivated by Nashville artists’ stories of heartbreak, travelling and coming home; Eleri based her body of work traveling across the USA, Ireland and Scandinavia.

The first thing that strikes me about Delete It is the storytelling from Eleri. The story is extremely relate about and something I am sure everyone has thought of who are tech savvy. The single is very current and will appeal to the Pop and also Country market.

I think the song suits the Country/Pop market as it has a feel of song that you would see Taylor Swift or Carrie Underwood and to a point Kelly Clarkson release, and I am sure the song will fit perfectly in with these style of artists.

The song is very powerful, there is a big build up to an anthemic chorus which really does keep the listener wanting to hear the track in its entirety. This song would be amazing to hear live as when the chorus kicks in you can see the crowd really coming to life.

Overall, this is a really strong single from Eleri, one which I am sure will do extremely well in the music charts. I think the way in which the song is written and the story and meaning behind the story will be relatable to people and Eleri will get a lot of new listeners to her music from this.

We cant wait to hear more from this Welsh Country/Pop songstress, we can see a big 2021 for Eleri here at The Unsigned Reviewer.


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