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Matthew Dunn-Parasites

Had this album come into our inbox the other day from Matthew Dunn who we have reviewed before and were impressed by his music and his style. Matthew is a Welshman from Cardiff who’s influences include nirvana and Alice in Chains to Bruce Springsteen to Neil Young. He describes his music as alternative rock, so let’s dig in and have a listen to Matthew’s brand-new album Parasites.

The album starts off with Pull which starts off in the style of which he describes before the heavier guitar comes in and the track comes to life, you can hear the influence of Nirvana in this by the way that it is presented and the heaviness of it all. You can just picture the scene of Matthew being on the stage with nirvana on this track and how it comes alive with the drums and the guitar influence of it.

Box Office Special is a lighter track than Pull this has a softer approach where we can hear Matthew’s voice properly which is in the style of James Dean Bradfield from The Manic Street Preachers and the acoustic guitar brings the track to life, as the track goes along the heavier guitar comes in and adds that extra Manics feel to it. There’s a lot of light and shade in that there’s a light beginning and a darker end, but it still is a great track.

The title track Parasites has a more indie flavour to it, and you can just hear the feel of the cool Cymru era with how Matthew presents his tracks and how they are played, and you can’t help but think you’re listening to The Manics and Stereophonics. The track is very guitar heavy and its one for the air guitar to come out and rock on.

The Ending is the Same begins very much like the riffs you hear on Smells Like Teen Spirit and the heaviness of it all which if you love a good heavy guitar rack then Matthew is your guy, and this track is one to go to with the great riffs and drumbeats.

Somewhere in-between this track has lots of light and shade and the musicianship of this track has the style of green day on boulevard of broken dreams I can hear the same structure which has a great feel to it and how much I enjoy listening to this track.

To sum up the album I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Matthew’s album and can say he gets better with his musicianship without going away from what he enjoys putting into a track to please his fans. He has a lot of guitar heavy tracks and lots of riffs which take you back to the 90s and the heyday of when cool Cymru was around and with this album he has revived it and gave it life again.

Thank you for sending us your album Matthew we can’t to hear what’s next.


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