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Charlotte Young-Coffee and Conversations

Had this EP drop into my inbox just the other day from Charlotte Young with her new EP Coffee and Conversations, a very catchy name which sounds so good. Charlotte is a country artist from Birmingham, UK and her influences include Johnny Cash, The Eagles and Carrie Underwood and her sound is best described as Old-Fashioned Country feelings mixed with contemporary country sound.

So, lets dive in and have some coffee and conversations with Charlotte Young.

The opening track Remedy has a great feeling with a foot tapping beat full of modern country music style, her voice is crisp and strong with lots of light and shade about it and shades of Shania Twain with how she builds a track. I can see this track being one that will get a crowd going and lots of audience participation. The track has so much storytelling which makes you want to read the next chapter and fine out what’s going to happen next.

Whiplash this is an acoustic version on the EP, which was her first track she brought out, it has such a great feel to it, and I can’t stop my foot tapping to it as she again shows off her great vocals and musicianship and the track really takes you away from the now and to another world for the short time.

On the loose needs no introduction this track was a duet with fellow country singer Georgia Nevada and I absolutely love this track and when I reviewed this track originally, I was taken back how anthemic it was and even now I absolutely love the light and shade plus the girl power feel to it just makes me want to punch the air and dance around.

Praying for Rain starts off slow and has a nice country feel with lots of musicianship and a chance to use her amazing range to show off the beauty of the song. There’s plenty of light and shade, the track is powerful and is one that you can sit back and enjoy on a laid-back afternoon.

Finally, we have Early light this track has a faster tempo than the last track and its one that uses the lyrics of the EP. The track has a real country feel and a modern style which you hear from Lady A who’s style Charlotte could say she has as her vocals are very much like the lead singer Hilary Scott.

She presents her music so well and I can see Charlotte going far and getting more recognition for this EP and beyond.

To sum up the EP I’m a massive fan every song takes on its own story and you just can’t help but engage with the musicianship and storytelling of each track and you can’t help but live for every note and word its brilliant and I can see Charlotte going far as she is able to work with lots of styles and tempos and makes every song her own.

Thank you for sending us your EP Charlotte we can’t wait to hear what’s next.


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