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Becky Hill - Last Time

Christmas 2020 was a tine of year that was different to most year but one thing that was prominent was the Christmas adverts. Every year the big spectacular is the John Lewis Christmas advert, however last festive season it was the McDonald's Christmas commercial that got us all Reindeer Ready thanks to the amazing vocals of Becky Hill. Her version of the Alphaville classic Forever Young was without doubt the soundtrack to Christmas 2020 hands down and is still sung in my household today.

Show-stopping vocalist, hitmaking songwriter and dance music trailblazer Becky Hill releases her brand new single ‘Last Time’.

‘Last Time’, which is written by Becky Hill and produced by Lostboy is the forthcoming single to be lifted from Becky’s upcoming debut studio album release out this Summer. On the get go, my feet are tapping, dreaming of the summer.

Becky has such a unique, distinctive voice that you recognise straight away. The song highlights the last time falling in love, realising you don’t want to lose that special person and trying one more time. This song will definitely be well received in the R&B, dance scene. The song is so catchy, and plays on words well. The tempo, lyrics and the impeccable vocals together should ensure this song receives a high listening and reaches a great number within the charts.

We cant wait to hear what comes next from this amazing and talented singer/songwriter.

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