Charlotte Young and Georgia Nevada- On the Loose

Had this track drop into my inbox just the other day from UK Country musicians Charlotte Young and Georgia Nevada who have teamed up for this track On the Loose which sounds interesting before I have even listened to the track, let’s not delay any further and dig in and have a listen.

The track starts off with some acapella before the track kicks in and really comes to life and gives you the feeling of a song that’s going to be full of female empowerment and the air grab too which gives it such an amazing opening.

The track has lots of light and shade, the storytelling also has such an amazing feel and its one ill be putting in my Spotify playlist and play on my show too. If this track were played at a festival, you’d have an audience that will live every bit of the song as the chorus is one that can be sang loud and have the audience really feel the track.

I absolutely love this track and I hope that it goes far, these 2 ladies are independent women and I hope they record more together as their voices work so well together.

Thank you for sending us this track we can’t wait to hear what’s next.


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