Asher Knight - Alone

We have recently been sent the new single from Asher Knight called Alone. Asher is a 22 year old singer/songwriter from Bradford, UK and previously released Without Us in April and the song was a massive hit then and we are sure it will be an even bigger hit now.

In one of the toughest years we have had, the title in itself is very relatable. The emotion and passion in the song can be heard throughout. There’s a lot of feeling in Asher’s vocal, his tone has a warmth to it and draws you into the song. Since we received Without Us, we have been eagerly waiting for what was next and this didn’t disappoint . Asher's music is very current and his vocal wouldn’t be out of place in the mainstream music charts. The song is fresh and is a very strong single. Overall, Asher has impressed us again, the rise and fall of the song of prominent throughout and it’s definitely a song that will do well in the charts.

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