Bryan Lanning ft Brennley Brown - Steady

We recently got asked to review the brand new single from YouTube sensation Bryan Lanning as he enlists the help of Brennley Brown for his next single Steady.

5 million subscribers and 3 billion views later, and now Bryan is not only a father to two beautiful little boys, but he's also the owner of Cali Co. Music, a professional music studio where he is working on a new album, as well as a media company that manages a team of people who create video and audio content for brands and other clients.

In 2015, Bryan wrote and released his first song "This Is Home," which has been streamed over 9 million times. He released his debut country album "Same Town" on July 3, 2020.

Bryan has a really great way of constructing a song and Steady is no different. He has also done very well in recruiting Brennley on vocals as their voices really compliment each other.

One thing that really catches me in the song is the rise and fall of the song, tranquil build up to a strong and hard hitting chorus.

Overall, Bryan has again produced one of the best Country songs of the year, it’s definitely one for all playlists. He has a knack of writing hit singles and tracks that stick in your head.

We can’t wait to hear what’s next from the YouTube star.


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