Eleni C - Tug of War

We were recently sent the brand new single by up and coming pop star Eleni C. The London-based singer/songwriter is back and even more powerful than ever with her upcoming offering “Tug of War”. A track nurtured with independent optimism created by bold, fierceful and empowering vocals entwined with regular beated rhythms.

“Tug of War” is an anthem projecting strength within a past toxic relationship. The track evokes a powerful stance on how to walk away in a situation that has turned broken and manipulative. A message that consumers can relate to within that position, and potentially find peace and freedom for themselves.

The first thing for me with the song is how catchy the song is, this is a really good, strong pop song. You will have your foot tapping along from the start of the song with the Latino vibes it gives off from the opening bar.

The song as a whole is very current, fresh and really gives you a sense of summer, you can imagine yourself listening to this song while you are sat on a beach with you friends. The track would not be out of place in the top 10 of the music chart, this would easily get into the mainstream of the music industry.

Tug of War really gives you a sense of the direction Eleni C is going as an artist and she is definitely going to be a force to reckon with in the music industry in the coming years for sure. Eleni has a really distinctive tone to her voice, very strong and very good ranging vocally also.

Overall, Eleni C has a massive career ahead of her, this is one of the strongest singles I have had the pleasure of reviewing. As I say this song should walk into the mainstream charts at a very high position.

We are looking forward to hearing what comes next from Eleni C, we are confident she is destined for huge things in the coming year.


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