Mad Hatter's Daughter - Diggin in The Dirt

Mad Hatter’s Daughter soar back into 2021 with their latest offering “Diggin In The Dirt”, taken from forthcoming album “Where Are We Runnin". Taking a more Alternative Pop direction, the duo still continue to impress with their raw approach through vocals and sharp catchy melodies.

Mad Hatter’s Daughter are a German duo founded by lead singer Kira Alicia and guitarist Buzz T.Isles. The two are passionate in creating strong meanings behind their song writing, the ideal goal is to portray a sense of togetherness and unity within their songs, the band creates free flowing mindfulness.

“Diggin In The Dirt” is a breath of fresh air for those struggling to deal with the negative impact of the endless lockdowns and restrictions we have all had to face during the pandemic. The single is a realistic and authentic expression of the widely felt loneliness, disconnect and frustration we have all dealt with on a global level. Let Mad Hatter's Daughter take you on a cathartic yet optimistic journey with a song that is the sonic equivalent to a light at the end of the tunnel.

These guys are very fresh, very current and I really love Kira's vocals in this song. The song is very catchy and will fit easily into the mainstream of the music charts. Lyrically, again I love how current the wording is on everything for example 'I'm gonna rip that mask right off your face', this is really clever wording and makes the track so much more relatable.

There is a real sense of musicianship and the way the song is structured really makes the song very effective and keeps the listener wanting to hear more. They have been very clever with how radio friendly the song is also as this will be a massive boost for how well the song do in the music charts.

Overall, this is a really strong and really catchy lead single for the Mad Hatter's Daughters new album which is out later this year, it does make you want to hear the rest of the album and is really going to well in the Pop charts.

We cant wait to hear what comes from 'Where We Are Running' when it is released later in 2021.


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