Guerilla State - Never taking Me

We were recently sent the brand new single from Irish rockers Guerilla State called Never Taking Me.

Guerilla State are an emerging Irish rock group from Belfast, with a strong musical commentary on the social and political intricacies of the modern world. Comprised of two members hailing from Ireland and Australia, Guerilla State offers a global perspective on governmental affairs and failings in an age of misinformation; shedding a light of transparency, unrestricted and uninfluenced from the pressures of social conformity.

This is really strong debut single from the band, the opening of the song really makes your head turn and gets you catch to the song straight away.

I can hear elements of the Stereophonics in the way the song is constructed, strong rise and fall on the song building to the chorus. I really liked the synth rock/pop section towards the end as well falling to the acoustic guitar, reminded a lot of The Killers. This really stood out to me from the song.

Overall, this was a really strong debut single from Guerilla State and I can't wait to review their EP later on in the month, which is released in March. Never Taking Me would be anthemic at festivals, its a real crowd pleasure for sure.

On a personal note, I would really love to hear a whole song like the ending with the synth rock style, it really caught my imagination.

I cant wait to hear the EP now.


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