Allie Marie Hunter - Never Beat Again

We have recent been sent the single Never Beat Again by Allie Marie Hunter. Allie is a passionate and talented Country singer and songwriter, who has most recently released her debut single ‘Never Beat Again’. Allie introduces first listeners with a beautifully assembled single that interlinks mellow and gentle vocals, placed on top of a subtle acoustic guitar melody.

The debut single ‘Never Beat Again’ was a song written in just 5 minutes after Allie fell in love with the instrumental. A story that poured out of her without hesitation. Although it’s not a personally true story, Allie felt inspired after years of conversations with military friends in the USA, and military family members in the UK, as well as many visits to war memorials, and wanted to pay tribute to all the fallen heroes, both here and with her friends & family in America.

The first thing that strikes me about the song is how well the song builds, as you get further into the track, more and more starts happening with the backing and this makes this song really powerful. I would love to hear this song live, I think it would be a real goosebump moment.

The song starts off like Every Tear Drop is a Waterfall by Coldplay which instantly draws me into the song, the powerful drumming in the background gives the song a very military feel as well. With the rise in the song there is also a beautiful fall to a solo violin which gives the song a pause for thought before we build back to the powerful chorus and strong, fresh vocals.

Overall, this is a very strong single from Allie Marie and a very welcoming introduction to Allie Marie as an artist. I am sure this single will do very well for her. The track itself would be amazing to hear live, I think will all the elements within the backing of the track along with the rise and fall of the instruments the song would be very special at a festival.

The was a great introduction to Allie Marie Hunter and we are big fans of her music here at The Unsigned Reviewer.


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