Eleni C - Bland and White

Rising UK pop star Eleni C continues her hot streak with her upcoming release of new single “Black and White”. Eleni fuses addictive hooks with reggaeton under tones and an island bounce which flaunts Eleni’s professional music craft.

The release of ‘Black and White’ follows the unstoppable success of Eleni C’s most recent single ‘Tug of War’ whereby the rising pop star maintains a quirky and empowering anthem to set an important message to find strength within and live life to the fullest.

Eleni has done it again with another catchy, upbeat song that makes you want to get up and dance!

Eleni definitely pulls us in with this Latino style, pop song and draws you into her song wanting more!

The song is straight to the point in exactly what love is, it’s not black and white! There is a great flow to the song, which has a lot of raise and fall which makes the song more exciting. The song accepts that not every love story will be the same, and that’s ok. Being different is ok.

We don’t mind listening to more of Elenis music, and look forward to hearing her next song!


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