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Colette Rivers-Memory Lake

Had this album drop into my inbox just the other day from Colette Rivers who has recently brought out her new album Memory Lake. A little bit about her she is a New Zealand/American artist who has a raw and expressive voice with lyrical poeticism that glue her songs together. So, without any delay lets dive in and listen to Colette’s music.

The opening track is called Fickle Soul which has an electro feel to begin with before the acoustic guitar comes in with Colette’s lyrics which are as said strong and vibrant and bring out the soul within. There are flashes throughout the song of the synths which begin the song mainly in the chorus. It’s a track that I can see myself listening to and I love how much the genre changes and you are wondering what’s next as it enjoyable.

Quiet Places is another track which has the use of the synth and acoustic fusion. This track has a difference in tempo too as it goes from slow to fast and brings so much light and shade with a dark side to it which makes it so exciting. This shows off her range of voice and it feels like the vibe I got from Keane’s track Atlantic.

Sunday Morning has a real country feel to it with flowing lyrics and a sound that would come from the deep south of America, Colette shows of the magic of how she can pull a track together and work through different genres and show off her range and its rich light and shade. I must admit that this a great track and you can really sit back and enjoy it and kick back and feel the calm.

Memory Lake the title track has a more rock feel to it and the crashing drums give you a feel of thunderstorm in music. This track is one that you could see being played at a festival because its one you can see an audience really engaging with and singing along to, there is a lot of light and shade in this track the hard thunderstorm and the sunny interval of acoustic guitar really brings it alive.

Out of the Cage is a fusion of genres and extremely exciting to listen to with synth, country and a heavy guitar all blending to make one exciting track and I can say this track had me sit up and really engage fully and ill admit I really like it. There’s plenty of light and shade plus richness in it that’s exciting.

To sum the album up I love it and thoroughly enjoyed listening and reviewing this album. Colette’s richness and her genres which she puts into every track really has you thinking what’s next on the album and how will it sound. Looking forward to hearing more from Colette and I shall be giving a few of the tracks an airing on my radio show.

Thank you for sending us your album we love it here at The Unsigned Reviewer.


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