White Ether-Red Sky EP

Had this land in my inbox just the other day from local band White Ether, they describe their sound as mainly 70s rock, punk and new wave which sounds an interesting sound. The members are Steve Crocker on Guitar, John David Morris on Vocals and Guitar, Rhys Mwyn on bass and Iolo Jones on drums.

Red Sky

The title track of the EP starts off in the rock style which they say is part of their sound, the lyrics are nice and strong and I like the way that they are delivered like the way that The Stereophonics present their music if I was to give a modern twist to the sound. If you love a bit of air guitar there’s a chance to get that out and, it’s a foot tapper and it also had my head nodding.

Liar Liar

More of a softer sound to begin with, the rock style shines through again before the more heavier riff kicks in and again I really like this sound and it has a lot of light and shade to the track as in some parts it is heavier and some its more lighter. Again, it reminds me so much of The Stereophonics music.

The Man Who Wasn’t There

A more of an indie style start to the song and if I’m going to put a modern twist to how they sound id say Radiohead and it reminds me a bit of their track Karma Police in the style. It is a lot softer than the previous 2 tracks and I like how they have switched the style and not stayed the same as it gives the EP a bit if air so to speak and chance to chill. It is also a little longer than the previous songs too

Selling Wales

Back to the style in which they have made their own on this EP, as I have said before there is always a great light and shade to their tracks and the vocals are always delivered great and this track again is no exception it makes me want to get out the air guitar and also it had my foot tapping and a little bit of head bobbing too. The musicianship in this song shines through as I can hear each instrument.

To sum this EP up I love it and it made me wanting more from this band, I have noticed that they have up to date music which I will give a listen as I have seen that this EP is 2 years old. I love the way they deliver their music, the way it’s played and that I can hear modern twists on the era they have played their genre. If you love the Cool Cymru era you will love these guys.


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