What's Eating Elkie Barton - Beautifully Imperfect

Beautifully Imperfect debut album by Welsh singer/ songwriter Elkie Barton. We can describe this as a soulful trip into her mind and musings through self discovery, self love and acceptance. The album is released on the 2nd July.

Opening up this album is Can This Be Better and it is a very strong start, very cheery, melodic and very catchy. This is followed by Flowers and Midnight which continues the cheery tunes and soulful storytelling lyrics which has definitely set a standard for the album.

Overthinking is the third track of this extremely catchy album and I'm starting to think of a resemblance to Amy Macdonald with this song. Hey Molly follows this is a story about a girl called Molly. Sounds like a lovely story from the lyrics.

Under Investigation is a more slower ballad but again the story telling in the song shines through. Snow Drop and My Scars continue with the great lyrics and cheery, melodic sounds resemblant of the album so far.

Want To Be reminds me of a Kate Nash style of track, this tune will really stick in your head. This is followed by Time To Reminisce, and again the story telling is at the forefront of the song. Elkie is a very good lyricist.

The final track on this album is Lazy Alibis and again I'm getting a the Amy Macdonald feeling to the song. This song build wonderfully throughout and a great chorus to boot. Personally saved the best till last.

Overall, I really enjoyed Elkie's debut album. Her storytelling throughout shone epically in Flowers and Midnight and also Time to Reminisce. Then we have the fantastic ending of Lazy Alibis that makes you want to know what's next from the Welsh singer/songwriter.

Really enjoyed this album and can't wait for the next chapter for Elkie.


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