ViA fAntAsticA - Acrid

I had this track come into my inbox the other day from a band we have previously reviewed called viA fAntAsticA they are a synthpop and electronic band from Cardiff, Wales so lets dive on in and have a listen to their new track Acrid.

The track starts in the true electronica style with some bass line and synth that takes you back to the 80s and has the shade of the beginning of Dua Lipas track physical,  it has such a great style to it and it really comes to life just after the first verse with some distant vocals.

It has my head bopping being an 80s girl at heart this really catches my imagination and I love the musicianship of the track and its light and shade too its not one that you’d hear in the clubs on a Saturday night, but it’s one that I would listen to again and again as its more soothing than the normal tracks you’d hear from the genre.

There’s so much to this track that not many people would understand but I could see this track being used at a festival as a chill out track rather than rave.

Thank you viA fAntAstica for your amazing track can’t wait to hear what’s next.


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