Thomas Sean Winn - The Dreamer

We were recently sent the new EP from Thomas Sean Winn and he is the Dreamer for this EP

Ellie Dalton:

The message behind the song is lovely.  You can tell that there has been a lot of effort go into the song and the lyrics are really moving when you sit and listen to them properly.  The tune is strong and the variation towards the end of the song gives an uplifting feel for the listener, even if emotions are still high for the singer.  The use of tone and pitch within the song is clever because it always keeps the audience listening and the lyrics fit to the tune perfectly.  All-in-all, I feel that this song is a very good song, with a powerful message that lots of listeners can hopefully relate to.  

Lead You Through Tomorrow:

Although the message is still very emotional, the song has a ‘feel-good’ vibe to it, and an inspiring sense.  The quality of all of the different elements to the song put together is very good and this is a very professional sounding track.  The lyrics go brilliantly with the tune for the song, and the transitions from one part to the next part throughout the song are very smooth. I personally feel that the song would be a good of reminding someone that they are not alone in life, and that there will always be someone there to help guide them.  This message within a song is amazing and for a listener to be able to pick up on that message is inspiring.  In conclusion, I feel that this is a really, really good song that I would choose to listen to and it could go a long way.

Sometimes Life:

Lots of emotion within the song, the lyrics are like words you would give someone in advice.  The tune and the variation of the tune fit brilliantly with the lyrics and the tempo for each part of the song fits the message perfectly.  This is another very professional sounding track, just like ‘Ellie Dalton’ and ‘Lead You Through Tomorrow’ and is yet more proof that the writer has a message for the listener that they are passionate about.  I enjoyed listening to the track and would listen to it out of choice too.  To conclude, a very good track with inspirational messages throughout.


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