The Stash - Dyr-Y-Garreg

The Stash Dyr-y-Garreg

I recently received an emails just the other day with a link to a local group called The Stash and they have an EP out called Dyr-Y-Garreg which is welsh for break the stone, I am going to review a couple of songs from this EP. First up is the title track of the EP

Dyr y Garreg

Starts off with a clangy guitar resplendent of the Cool Cymru age of the late 90’s and distant vocals from lead singer Sister Midnight. This song shows off the musicianship from the lead guitarist Shy Guy and also Sister Midnight, some drum work from Nelly and a bit of bass from Dr Lee, this song is mostly instrumental. Great to listen to if you’re a fan of Catatonia.


More upbeat song compared to Dyr y Garreg and it has a real country feel and sister midnight really reminds me of a female James Dean Bradfield with the way that she delivers her vocals. Really like this track and is certainly a foot tapper that really is going to be going into my Spotify playlist. If you like the musicianship of jangly guitar like the Stereophonics, then you’ll love this one.

All in all, would have loved to have heard their other tracks Ride and Mr Rain and I hope they make it to Spotify so that I can give them a listen.

Love this band and can certainly say that I will want them on my show live if they could make it. Diolch y Stash


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