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The Sound of Modesty- Stalemate and Etamelets

I had this track come into my inbox the other day and she is a new artist to me so I thought I would give it a quick review for you all. So, this is The Sound of Modesty aka London Songwriter Yvonne Han. She started creating The Sound of Modesty back in 2018 she is known for her candid lyrics and unique take on Indie Rock and has modern Electro Pop in her music. So, let’s hear her music.

So first up is Stalemate which is her new single starts off with the electro style before a guitar comes in followed by her soft lyrics, she has the tone of the late Dolores O’Riordan from The Cranberries which is what this track reminds me of if I can put a sound a like to it. I love the tone of her voice and its light and shade too, the musicianship is there and it has such an edge to it which is always a winner to me and the guitar solo for those who love it. it has my head bobbing and, I don’t want to hear the song end as I enjoy hearing the edginess which is refreshing.

Next up is Etamelets this track starts of soft and again shows off her tone of voice and her great range that she has and also the electro pop makes an appearance too and I’m a lover of that so that is great to hear, this rack is very different to Stalemate in that its more in the electro style than the edgy rock. It has more of a mystery to it and the story makes you want to hear more which I certainly will be doing. I must admit this track is slightly more instrumental than Stalemate as well as rather than verses she sounds like she is chanting the lyrics.

Thank you for sending your music Yvonne I really enjoyed listening to the tracks and I shall be listening to more on Spotify.


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