The Scapegoats - On Our Way

Had this land in my inbox the other day and it sounded interesting, so I thought id give a local artist a little review, this is the scapegoats from Bangor and their album on our Way. This was released earlier in the year, but we have had access to it via Bandcamp to listen to the album.

Old Fool

A jolly track with lots of warm guitar rhythm and it is a foot tapper for sure and it is a great start to the album. I love the lyrics it gives me he feel of being sat in the middle of a pub in Americas Midwest and I really love the guitar solo too.


Great start with a good drumbeat and bass line, before the great lyrics from lead singer Andy Bob Beaumont and references to Heathrow airport as well. This is one you will like if you are a fan of a good guitar solo. I love the feel of its country orientated track a little like Johnny Cash and another footapper too.

On our Way

The title track of the album and a heavy guitar start with a rock feel for those of love a bit of heavier style guitar. Ill be honest and say this song has an indie feel to it and is very Manic Street Preachers in their Everything Must Go era.

Everything is all right

Back to a softer style with this one and softer lyrics, I’m loving this and I love the feel of the song too and warm lyrics from Andy Bob, it reminds me a lot of the music Raul Malo from the mavericks did when he did some solo work.

Good Friend Blues

As it says in the title it’s a track with a good bit of blues complete with Saxophone, Guitar and organ and it’s a lovely track with great storytelling from Andy Bob, very easy listening and a song id want to listen to whilst chilling out of an evening.

Chase away the Blues

A little heavier than the last song and a bit of guitar and a flash of drums it is a great feelgood track and gets your head bobbing along with it. If played live there’s chance to for some audience participation with clapping the rhythm and gives me the feel of being at a music festival.

Change your ways

Starts of with a bit of drum and bass before the vocals com in and tell a story of how someone needs to change to get the love of their lives back. I love the way that this band tell their stories in songs it makes you always want to know what is going to happen in the net chapter.


Great start and gives me the feel of the kings of Leon, this is another one which has indie infusion all over it, I love the musicianship and thus has to be a favourite of mine as it is in the style of what I would listen to. Again, it tells a story which is one of the best things about the band.

Crossroad Blues

The last song of the album and shorter than the rest of the tracks and this is a feel of blues and country together and gets your foot tapping away and one that the line dancers will get up and make a routine to. The Storytelling again is fantastic with the vocals of Andy Bob, one also to sit back and grab your favourite tipple and enjoy too

To summarise this album I would give it a massive thumbs up and if you love the crossovers from country, blues and indie you will love this and if you like all 3 genres then it’s your lucky day. I really enjoyed this album and can’t wait to hear more from the band, Thank you The Scapegoats.


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