The Puss Puss Band - Pretty Games

We were recently sent Pretty Games which is the new single by Welsh duo, The Puss Puss Band. This is the first release from the guys second album which is being released later on in the year.

The song starts with a very Stereophonics feel to the song and the welsh vibes that all the great Welsh bands bring with them on their music. Lyrically, I enjoyed the way in which the story of the song was told, it did really grip me to the song.

There is a very captivating rise and fall to the song, the build of the song is great. I enjoyed the little brass section in the middle as well, this gave the song a really summery feel.

The song is very current and would easily fit into the charts. Personally, I really enjoyed the backing of the song, I think the introduction of the brass and the guitar solos towards the end would a massive tick from me.

Overall, The Puss Puss Band are a band we will have to keep and eye on. They are current, edgy and definitely have us wanting to hear the rest of Life Cycles for sure.

Thank you for reaching out to us here at The Unsigned Reviewer, we cant wait to hear what comes next from this great duo.


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