The Puss Puss Band-Life Cycles

I had this album come into my inbox the other day and having been reviewed before by the Unsigned reviewer but by another member I am looking forward to hearing what the band are all about.

So, a little bit about them they are a duo from South Wales, UK and they are a multi-instrumental and their sound is described as stark indie folk and rock, they are influenced by Brian Wilson and Burt Bacharach. So, let’s hear the Puss Puss Band’s new album.

The album starts with We Should Be starts off with some guitar riffs and deep vocals which give it country feel. The storytelling of the track is great and has some amazing musicianship and has the feeling of a track being played at a festival. The chorus is one that will get a crowd going, its surely a footapper and the tone of which it is sung has such a great light and shade to it too.

Thank You has a soft feel to it and compared to the first song it has a more sedate feel that you could class as feelgood and towards the end it really pick up in tempo and it really had my head bobbing and so far I’m really enjoying The Puss Puss Band’s musicianship and the vocalist has a different voice which is always a plus. Losing the Rain I love the feelgood vibe to this track and you can almost hear the late Barry White singing the track and the addition of a Saxophone and Flute really gives it that relaxing feel that you need on a hard day you can kick back with track. The light and Shade is showing through this track always.

Time and Tide is a very thoughtful track and is another one you could kick back and really listen to the storytelling of this track with its soft feel and guitar playing plus the vocalist adds to the emotion of the song and plenty of light and shade to convey the emotion, the addition of the guitar you could absolutely call this a ballad that really touches the heart. If you love a bit of a guitar solo for some air guitar then this a track you can get on with to enjoy it.

Missed is another one to pull at the heartstrings and convey some emotional side of music, it is almost acapella at the beginning with some soft flowing piano playing in the background, the light and shade is beautiful and its one you can add to the playlist of ballads with lyrics coming from the heart and the flowing piano just gives it the edge.

Holding its own has a country style to it and plenty of chance for you to kick back and enjoy the mouth organ and soft drums giving it a light feel and totally one for those who love soft music playing as read a book or just relaxing after a busy day. It really has my head bopping to this track and if you close your eyes you are transported to the deep south of America.

To sum up the album I absolutely love it as it is different to what is being played in todays music market and definitely one you can ride your emotions with and enjoy the highs, the lows and the tearjerkers all in one album.

Thank you The Puss Puss Band I can’t wait to hear what you have next.


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