The Outcharms - (Who's Making You) Smile?

We have recently been sent the new single from The Outcharms and there track (Who's Making you) Smile?

The Outcharms are a four piece Indie Rock band from Doncaster, United Kingdom.

There is something about Northern rock music. It should have its own genre because it is easily distinguished from the outset. The Outcharms from the first beat remind me straight away of the early Arctic Monkeys, Curtis also has a very strong accented vocal, a lot like Alex Turner.

Similarities aside and this song is right up their with one of the best songs I have reviewed recently. Your instantly tapping your feet along with the beat of the song. Catchy rift, clever lyrics and great structure to the song makes this really stand out.

I really love the lyrical metaphors they use within the song, they are very clever, for example from the opening there is a lot of attention to a flashing light, Curtis says 'the home screen hasn't flashed, but the warning light proceeds to, and as it flickers then she'll dance,' to me this is very clever.

Overall, this is one of the best songs we have received recently and this is the sort of music I would listen to again and again. This is definitely inspired by early Arctic Monkeys for sure, it ozzes the Northern Indie scene to a tee and its such a good and strong single.

The band have definitely Outcharmed me and I am going to be keeping a close eye on these guys in the future and we look forward to their next release.


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