The Orchid Thieves - Girl Like You

We have recently received a DM from The Orchid Thieves, they have recently released the single Girl Like You.

The Orchid Thieves are a four-piece Rock outfit from Portsmouth. The Band is the brainchild of school mates Tom Mouland and Aneurin Graystock, the two along with the help of Bassist Allan Richards and Drummer/ backing vocalist Euan Morgan.

The song is an acoustic song about the lead singer trying to impress a girl. The softness of the song is a stand out to me, this is a great opening for the song.

I think as a base of a song this would really good however for me it kind of builds up to nothing. I was hoping for more power, a good rise and fall and unfortunately the song didn't really go anywhere.

However, I do think this is a great base for the song, start off acoustic and melodic and then hit you with a big powerful mid section and this would make his song really stand out. It kind of caught me with a bit of Radiohead style in the song and they are masters of building a song.

Overall, there is great potential for this song to be anthemic and really catch the listeners but in the same time with an acoustic start building to a big middle, you can still keep the same softness and melodies of the opening too.

These guys have a lot of potential and I cant wait to hear what comes next from these guys.


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