The Lottery Winners - The Lottery Winners

We have recently been sent the new self titled album by the fiercely independent new band Lottery Winners.

The album opens with the song 'The Meaning of Life' and this song definitely catches your attention. The song makes you want to listen more, its very current, very catchy and an extremely strong opening to the album.

Little Things is next and we continue with the cheery, energetic indie rock. Just after the first two songs you can tell these guys are going to be making a lot of noise in the Festival season with the catchiness of the songs.

21 and I Don't Love You follow as we get a real feel for the album and you can tell off the opening songs the kind of sound that Lottery Winners have, edgy, current and energetic.

That's Not Entertainment gives you the feel of Smash Mouth. Headlock and 18 to 30s continue with the disco Indie Pop and the later has a bit of the Fratelli's sound in there.

Hawaii is up there with one of the standout songs on the album. The is a real feel good song. The song definitely helps you 'bury your worries down into the sand'. This song will definitely stay in your mind once you hear it.

Elizabeth continues to keep you gripped to this extremely fantastic album as the album could feature 9 hit singles so far. Every song is of lead single standard and would give a great feel for the direction of the band and the feel of the album as a whole.

I Know, My Only Friend and Young Again bring the curtain down on an amazingly successful album. These guys are a cut above a lot of acts out on the main circuit at present and would not be out of place in the mix with the headliners at some of the biggest festivals.

Overall The Lottery Winners, well I'll be honest I feel like a lottery winner now these guys are on my Playlist and I'm sure after listening to their edgy, catchy and dance floor indie pop that you will follow suit and will be dancing around listening to the likes of Hawaii and Little Things over and over again.

I am extremely excited to see what is next for these guys and I will definitely be watching for them popping up with new material in the near future.


Have a listen to The Lottery Winners here:

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