The Kelly Line - I Never Promised You Flowers

We were recently sent he new single by The Kelly Line Called I Never Promised You Flowers. They are a father and son duo from Cheltenham.

I Never Promised You Flowers is an acoustic track which sounds like they are trying to cool off a relationship which I very soulful vocal and very rhythmic guitar backing.

The storytelling on the track is the highlight of the song, as a lyricist personally I’m always drawn to the lyrics of the song and this tracks lyrics stand out. The vocal is very passionate for the lyrics and you can hear the passion in the voice of the singer throughout.

Overall The Kelly Line have a very good and sounds a very personal song here with this track. Personally, I really enjoyed it. Laid back, good vocal and really good story telling which made the song stand out more.

Looking forward to hear more good things from these guys in the future.


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