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The Julia Mosley Band - King of Serenity

I had this track drop into my inbox the other day and having heard Julia and her band before I am looking forward to reviewing this track and hearing the track. A little bit of background They are from Staffordshire in the UK and the lead singer Julia describes herself as an actress within her own music and each song has its individuality and she fits into an alternative music category. Its always good to hear new music so let’s dive in and listen to The Julia Mosley Band and their new single King of Serenity.

The track starts with a soft woodwind sound with a medieval feel before Julia delivers her vocals, she has a sound of Florence Welch from Florence and the Machine. There is also vocals from Charlotte Bettson one of my unsigned artists in the past and she adds her own sparkle to the track.

As the track goes on it builds and builds to a massive crescendo with lots of different elements to the song. There is lots of light and shade and the storytelling is wonderful and the listener will be hanging on to every word as it has a great feel to it and you wont want to it to end as you will want to know what’s next in the story as it builds. I could see this track being played at a festival and the audience will have a chance to wave their arms round and engage with the music.

Really like this track thank you again Julia Mosley Band I can’t wait to hear what’s next.


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