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The Great Leslie - Money

A bass lead intro will always catch your attention from the start and that’s exactly where we start with this next song Money by one the UKs most up and coming bands, The a Great Leslie.

After a reshuffle of branding and image, The Great Leslie are back with their latest offering ‘Money’. A track so slick and sublime you are instantly reminded that Rock N Roll is here to stay and that is exactly what The Great Leslie brings to the table.

The Great leslie are a London-based alternative rock band, combining raw vocals with a rock and roll swagger to produce a sound that will leave you wanting more.

Frim the opening of the song you will be hooked, the way they build the intro shows a real craft and a great attention to how to catch an audience. The song has everything you’d want from a rock song, great bass, big building verses, catchy crisps choruses and a tune that will implant in your head and have your singing it all day.

These guys really know how to write a song, great lyrics combined with great vocal will keep you gripped till the end of the song. It has hit written all over it,

We are excited to see what comes next from these Londoners as this has really wet our appetite for more.


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