Taurus1984 - Dream Warriors

Had this drop into my inbox just the other day and I thought lets give this a little review, This is Taurus 1984 they are Alistair and Bobby plus guest vocalists Abi, Jeris and Phil, Steve on Saxophone and Tim on Guitars from Swansea in South Wales and their sort of music that they make is born out of 1980’s pop culture, hooks and grooves and also synthpop and retro waves so prepare for to grab your leg warmers its time to be dazzled by Taurus 1984.

It starts of with One nine eight four is a little spoken track to introduce the album, Dream Warriors the title track is absolutely up my street to start off with and I’m feeling it totally, bit of a guitar riff for those who love a guitar solo. The band have guest Vocalists and they are absolutely giving me the feeling of the 80s in 2020.

Icarus has the feeling of flashdance with its amazing vocals and synth music plus a bit of saxophone too which makes me feel like I’m back in the disco days where you can just let your hair down and bop away. The musicianship of Taurus 1984 is so amazing, and I love how every track is out of this world and catch you in the feels, there is so much light and shade. Ghosts is like its name it so haunting and is really one for those who love the synth of early Erasure tracks, this track has a male vocalist on and I really like his tone of voice which brings the track to life to add to the erasure similarity.

Invisible Summer lives up to its name and it reminds of summer days and sipping a cool drink sitting somewhere warm and listening to this track to give me the feeling of being on a beach, got to admit this track is a cracker as it has everything and also think of summer in the depths of winter too. U is a track which you would hear at a festival as it has chance for audience participation and also a crowd to get dancing to, its also one for you to wave your arms from side to side and lose yourself in the track.

Callin’ You this track is one for all the ones who love a good 80s power ballad and makes me feel like I’m listening to The Bangles with this track and this track has been brought out as a single too and I can see why as it’s a great track with lots of light and shade and a good bit of air guitar. Home starts off with some exciting electro pop and it’s a footapper and I love the way the music is different in every track.

I can thoroughly recommend this band and they’ll be going into my Spotify playlist plus be on my radio show once it starts up again. Thank you for sending me this album I love it so much.


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