Steve Crocker- A Session on Sunday EP

Had this land in my inbox the other day and noticed he is also a local artist from Caernarfon in Gwynedd, this EP was inspired by an open mic session he did at The Skerries Inn in Bangor and features his nephew James Bachen on guitar, the 4 songs on this are acoustic versions of some of his solo work he has done

This Town burns Tonight

A guitar starting and strong lyrics from Steve, he has a great range of vocal which is warm and tells the story of the song well. could well fit in as country music and is also very melodic. Great start to the EP.

Best of Days

Strong guitar start and lyrics telling a story and could well have been written for an afternoon chill out track whilst you’re unwinding ahead of what the week is going to throw at you. I love the acoustic guitar on this track and will listen to the original track.

Black Night

This track has a great start and great musicianship from both Steve and James, it tells a great story and it has a great guitar solo in the middle which makes you want the track to carry on more. Can just see a festival crowd waving their arms about and enjoying it.

Song from the Mud

Proper country laid bare with the music and the lyrics and if you’re a fan of pure country without the modern gimmicks you will love this track so much. It is a foot tapper and I could just hear this track being played at a festival and the crowd joining in.

To sum up this EP It is definitely one id listen to again and I hope once my show is up and running again I hope to play some tracks from this EP, it is good honest country music laid bare and no modern gimmicks. I love it and I will be listening again.


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