Solid State Drive - Diesel Spill on a Rainy Road

We recently got sent the new EP from Solid State Drive and was a chance to listen to their progressive indie pop

Blood and Sky

Blood and Sky is the opening track on the EP, the song builds nicely throughout the song and reminds me of a Kasabian or Maximo Park style of song. It’s a strong start for the EP

Fix of Fiction

A very melodic song this time and a song that kept me listening throughout. Fix of Fiction is very catchy song and definitely one that will stick in your memory

Think It Through

Very base driven opening on Think Ot Through, again I can hear a Kasabian feel to the song. The vocal reminds me a lot of Space and the sort of style vocal they were know for also. Again like Blood and Sky the song builds nicely throughout the song.

Odd Times

The final track of Diesel Spills on a Rain Road is Odd Times. Personally not the strongest of the song but still fully listenable and is another song that builds throughout

To sum up, Solid State Drive have an amazing ability to keep your gripped throughout the song with the way the song builds up and keeps you wondering what could be next. Fix of Fiction is a very strong and very catchy song and my personal favourite off the EP.


To listen to the EP follow the link below

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