Sarah Kabbani - Undo

I had this track come into my inbox just the other day and I’m always excited to review new acts and hear new music so this was no exception so lets introduce you to Sarah Kabbani she is a singer songwriter from Melbourne in Australia she is an indie artist and is self-taught, her sound is unique with a fusion of Pop and R&B. so lets dive in and listen to Sarah’s sound.

The start is very modern and airy, her voice is very Tones and I so if you like her, you’ll love Sarah. The track is soft and has a slow tempo and you can hear all the words nice and clearly so you can listen to the storytelling of the track.

There is a male voice also on the track provided by Olive Amun I’m guessing by the track listing on Spotify and he makes it also come to life and carries on the story and you just want to hear more from both of the Artists. it’s like a love story being told by both sides of the relationship and the storytelling is believable, and you can just see it right in front of you like a film.

I really love Sarah’s voice and I can’t wait to hear more from her, thank you for sending over your music.


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