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I had these tracks come into my inbox the other day from another new artist to the unsigned review, this is Sandra North she is a country/pop singer from Sweden and she has a new single out called You but I will also look at her other 2 tracks Try Again and Same Story ‘bout a broken heart.

She started her singing career when she moved to Los Angeles in 2015 and the moment she touched down in The USA she was taken by Country Music and her debut single Try Again made it to number 1 on Swedish Radio and charted there for 15 weeks straight.

So, let’s hear what Sandra has and dive into her music.

You starts in a true Country style with the acoustic guitar and soft vocals which make the song come alive and it’s a feelgood track, there is a lot of light and shade plus the storytelling is beautiful. It has my foot tapping and I love the way that she presents her music very much in the style of Tricia Yearwood and Lady A. there is so much that I love about this track and you would never know that she was a relative newcomer to the country scene as she has the aura that she has been there for years and I can see this lady going far.

Same Story ‘bout a Broken Heart has a country feel also with the banjo start and a bass feel to it, the track has a lot of storytelling and also some fantastic musicianship which really give it a proper deep south feel and if you close your eyes you can just imagine Sandra taking the stage at the Country Music Awards and bringing the house down with this track with its excellent vibe and light and shade. Now its onto her debut single

Try Again this track came out last year and this year has been her big entrance so make way because this lady is coming through. This is a more softer end of the country spectrum and it has such great storytelling and her vocals on all the tracks really come through so well and light up a track with such gusto. The track has such emotion going through it and its one that will pull at your heartstring as she tells the story for all to hear. There is plenty of light and shade with musicality that really sets her apart from most country artists.

I love her music and can’t thank you enough Sandra for sending it to us here at The Unsigned Reviewer, we cat wait to hear what’s next.


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