Sally Crosby - Beautiful

Had this land in the inbox the other day and thought I’d give it a lovely little review for you all, Sally is from Welshpool in Mid Wales and plays a wide range of instruments including a ukulele and started out in music at a young age and has also been to many festivals and also has appeared at FOCUS Wales festival. Some of her tracks have been played on radio in the past and I am looking forward to airing her music on my show when it resumes.

The acoustic guitar begging is soft and pretty put together with lovely vocals which is very raw and soft, the song reminds me very much of being on a beach with the breeze catching at your hair as it is so relaxing and the story of the song is about women empowering themselves which is great to hear in this day and age with body positivity being a great addition to life. The violin interlude in the middle of the track is beautiful too and it adds to how lovely this song really is it is a track for the summer for sitting back and enjoying life despite what’s going on around us.

There’s so much you could say about this song and I absolutely love it and I cant wait to play this on my show, thank you Sally is been a pleasure to review this and I will be adding your tracks to my Spotify.


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