Sabine - Heart of Mine EP

Recently saw online that Sabine had a new Album out and I thought that I’d give you all a review on her amazing work.

Having had her as an unsigned artist on my show a couple of times before, I couldn’t wait to get my listening ears on to hear her new music. The album starts with a beautiful song called Over, she has amazing vocals that tell a beautiful story and the acoustic guitar and background drums that start up for the 2nd verse really bring the song to life and give the album a bright start.

The title track Heart of Mine is a slow and sensual song that you can sit back and imagine yourself listening to Sabine’s story and her vocals are just some of most amazing vocals you will hear as she brings her raw talent to life with this song as the music really lingers and makes you want to hear the next part of the story. Let you Go is a throwback to her country roots with this one and the light and shade of the track really shows how much that Sabine really is one to watch on the music circuit I love the musicianship and also the vocals are soft and pretty.

Colour will come back if you’re allowed to say you like a track then this is it, this track is a return to the softness heard in Heart of Mine and this allows her to show off her vocals with a soft piano for backing, the beauty of its rawness is a delight for the ears and truly cant wait to be able to pay this for my listeners. She finishes of the album with an acoustic version of Over it brings a fantastic edge to the whole album being able to hear it also in its rawness, the guitar and vocals combination is beautiful.

To sum up the album I absolutely love it, its rawness and musicianship is a delight for the ears and its truly from the heart. I love Sabines music and this has added to the repertoire that she already has. The country music circuit better watch out for her as she is going to go far. Thank you for allowing me to review your music Sabine.

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