Darla Jade - Frenemy

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

We had the pleasure of featuring Darla Jade recently and I was thrilled when she sent me an email with an exclusive listen to her new single Frenemy.

The single is out Friday 10th April on all your streaming sites and its definitely worth 3 and a half minutes of your time.

To me Frenemy is definitely going to be a word for the Urban Dictionary and the lyrics of the song describe the word to a tee.

Personally I'm a lyricist, the words mean the most and i really like Darla's way with words in this song its very current and grips you to the song.

The song as a whole has a very Ellie Goulding feel to it. As i say its very current and very with the current music scene and personally i think this will be a big hit for Darla.

Darla is very talented and this single epitomises her talents


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