Revolution Rabbit Deluxe - Swipe Left

Had this album drop into my inbox for review the other day and thought id give it a little review for you all. So, this Revolution Rabbit they are alternative/Indie Band from Blackwood, South Wales (Home of the Manic Street Preachers). With where they’re from and their genre I’m rather excited as I’m a fan of the Manic Street Preachers, I’m hoping to be able to review their new album myths and Fables as soon as I can get it but for now lets get into Swipe Left.

The Album opener Doomsday Clock/Cornucopia Croaked starts out like were in the middle of the war and also the clacking of the mines before the guitar comes in and gives out some of the most fantastic riffs, their vocals are nice and clear plus some great light and shade too. It’s not dark it is the kind of music you would hear from The Manics, I like this, and it has my head bopping about. If you love your indie guitar riffs then you’ll love this track.

Punk Rock is Dead this track has a hint of glam rock, definitely one if you also like the stereophonics and the Kaiser chiefs too, the vocals are clear and is more lighter too its only a short song but it still makes its mark on the album. Angels Landing is a great track and has your Indie riffs and also its one I could see being played at a festival and the crowd loving too as it has the chance to air guitar whilst the lead vocal is sang which is always a plus, this one has my head bobbing as it has the style of the indie scene of the early 2000’s that started the boom off for what’s great today.

Father of Lies is your track which is 100% like the Manics with the wailing guitar and I could hear James Dean Bradfield singing this track too which is testament to Revolution Rabbit Deluxe. This is a lighter track Than Angels Landing and this is one I’d call Cool Cymru style. Gods of Folded Bills this track has a lot of musicianship and is softer than the tracks I’ve heard so far which is great as you can hear that they don’t want to be just one sound they are varying it so that the listen enjoys the story, this is another short one but its worth a listen.

It’ll be Alright goes back to the strong indie guitar riffs that make them stand out to the crowd and the listener and this another I could say is destined for a hit. Steel September Skies starts off nice and soft with an acoustic guitar before the more rockier guitar comes in half way through to give it more edge, again they are not afraid to switch their sound at all and they really tell some great stories.

To sum up the album I really love their sound and I love the way they tell some great stories, are not limiting themselves to the same style every song and also I could hear the Cool Cymru style in there which the Manics were a big part of and also the Stereophonics too. They have great vocals and I can see these guys making it big. Thank you for sending me this and I can’t wait to hear more.


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