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Raff Pylon ft Tito Jackson - King's Lane (Million Roses)

When we received the brand new song from Raff Pylon ft Tito Jackson we were extremely excited to listen to this song. King's Lane (Million Roses) really didn't disappoint, and Raff really has a seriously strong song on his hands.

Raff Pylon is an up and coming singer, songwriter and producer from Montreal, Canada. He is a multi-instrumentalist, his main instruments being piano, guitar, drums and bass, as well as a song arranger, having studied music arrangement and orchestration in college. You may recognise Raff being on The Voice 2020.

Single supporting the anti-racism movement all over the world featuring Michael Jackson's brother Tito from The Jackson 5, recorded in LA with Grammy-winning producer Earl Powell.

The first thing that hits me about this song is how hard hitting the song is. From the opening of the song it grabs you attention and you are fixated on the song until the final note been delivered.

The melodiness of the song really is catchy, its current in its delivery and there is a place for this song in the heights of the charts. The piano based opening, really does set the mood for the song.

Tito's monologue at the end of the song is extremely powerful, very moving and really puts all the events of 202 into perspective. This really does give the song such a current feel, such a strong place in the music world and really does hit you hard.

Another powerful part of the song is how it builds throughout, this keeps the listener drawn in and grips them and really doesn't let you go.

Overall, this is one of the best songs I have had the pleasure of reviewing during my time at the Unsigned Reviewer. The meaning, the power and most of the message give this song a such a launch pad to do amazing things in the music industry and I don't think this will be the last time I hear this song.

This song has hit written all over it, there is a massive hole on the current mainstream of the industry for Ruff and his music and I am positive he will be a household name once this song hits the airwaves. We are massive fans here at the Unsigned Reviewer.


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