Profe Fool- Waterbearer

I had this song drop into my inbox the other day and here at The Unsigned Reviewer were always on the look out for new artists and new music so this was great to receive.

So, this is Profe Fool they are an experimental rock/ Art Rap Duo from Orlando, Florida in The USA, there are 2 members Amiri who is on Vocals and Lyrics plus Connor who is in charge of the instruments and production. Let’s see what Profe Fool’s sound is like.

The track starts out very electro before the vocals come in and immediately it becomes edgy, the track is quite different to what I’ve heard of late, but I love its difference and the musicianship. It certainly is one to get the head bopping around and toes tapping.

The track has a lot of light and shade and the lyrics are edgy and great to listen to. For all those out there who love a guitar solo there is one there to get out your air guitar and rock out. There is such a mystery to this song that makes you want to know what’s next in their story, but I really like it.

Thank you, Profe Fool, for sending us your great track and I can’t wait to hear what’s next.


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