Phoenix Morby-You

I had this track come into my inbox just the other day and I was excited at hearing new music from Phoenix having heard some of his music before I am really looking  forward to hearing this track too, a little bit of background on him.

He is a reflective songwriter telling his past experiences to transport to the listener, his genre is traditional country and I’m looking forward to hearing what this new track called You has to offer.

The track starts off with the traditional country style acoustic guitar and soft vocal, it has so much light and shade and is not mono tone at all as it has so much musicianship and the introduction of the extra guitar to the mix makes it full of raw emotion. The lyrics are soft and really tell a story which is key to how Phoenix presents his track with excellent storytelling and you’re hanging onto every word, you can hear the raw emotion in his voice and you want to know what’s coming  next in the story.

It is an easy listening track and you can sit back and listen to the track after a tough day or just on an easy Sunday afternoon.

Musically it is one that I’d love to hear over again as it different to what you would usually hear in a country track as it has a modern twist to it. Love this track thank you Phoenix for sending over the track.   


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