Paper Anthem - Sign Language

We have recently been sent the brand new single from American band Paper Anthem.

Paper Anthem, fronted by American singer/songwriter Joseph Hitchcock is proud to release the first single of 2021, Sign Language. A bouncy, driving track with a tone of sombre and aggression. This is the first release from Paper Anthem’s third studio album which is aptly named, ‘The Year You’ll Never Get Back’ due for release in March.

Sign Language is a very strong lead song for the new album for sure, laid back, middle of the road, nice summers day, great vibes.

There is a great structure to the song, the melodicness of the verses followed by the tension building chorus, it all adds up to a really strong single and a song I am sure will do well in the charts.

The song reminds me a lot of Snow Patrol and the powerfulness and anthemicness of there music, its definitely a festival pleasure.

We are looking forward to March to be able to review Paper Anthem's 'The Year You'll Never Get Back' as this has wetted our appetite and really want to hear what is next from Joseph Hitchcock and co.


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