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Now Ex - First Light

We have recently been sent the brand new single from the amazing cinematic musician Now Ex. On this single he has really channeled his synth pop side, the single is called First Light.

Now Ex is an alt-rock and cinematic band from Bristol. No Coming With You was our last review from Now Ex and this was his debut single so we can’t wait to hear what single number two has to offer.

First of all can I just say this track is extremely song for a single, it’s very current, dramatic and really catchy. I get a big feel if the weeknd on this track, this style of music is extremely popular at present and I can see this track doing extremely well.

Again Now Ex gives that cinematic feel with this song really easily fitting in to most genres of films, this shows how good Now Ex is as an artist and how great his music is also. Really enjoyed the vocal on the track also, very Jimmy Summerville, really does suit the style of the track and big vibes of the synth pop genre.

The backing is very catchy, does get you dancing around and gives you a good feeling. From the dramatic ness of the opening to the great lyrics and vocal styles this song will have you hooked from the opening bar.

We are massive fans of Now Ex here at the Unsigned Reviewer, this song is hit written all over it and would easily fit into the main stream of the music charts. There is a real likability for Now Ex’s music, it’s infectious.

We can’t wait for Now Ex’s next release here at the Unsigned Reviewer, you can find Now Ex on all streaming and download sites and across social media, why not check out his beautiful cover of Green Day while your there too.


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