Northern Souvenirs - Niagara Falling

We have been sent the brand new single from the amazing Country duo Northern Souvenirs. There new single, Niagara Falling, is out on the 17th July and is hotly anticipated after the success of there smash hit song My Page.

From the opening guitar lead intro you are gripped to the song straight away. One thing that strikes me straight away with these guys is how well their voices compliment each other. There harmonising is so tight and so on point, it stands out.

The backing of the song is so relaxing that you can imagine sitting in the back garden on a hot summers day listening to this song and having a nice cold drink.

As a lyricist the words of the song always mean the most to myself and in Niagara Falling, the words that they use are relatable to everyone. This is one of the things that has always stood out with this duo is you can easily attach yourself to the song and it will have relevance to yourself in someway or another.

Overall, we continue to be impressed with Northern Souvenirs personal and anthemic songs. The way in which they capture you with their stories and grip you as a listener makes them stand out in their genre.

We are expecting this song to do extremely well in the Country genre and we can not wait to see what comes next from this very exciting duo.


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