Molly and the Moon - Rise again and Cold Is The Night

I had this track drop into my inbox just the other day and I thought I would give it a little review for you all, this is Molly and the Moon they are a band from Bristol, UK. The lead singer Molly has been an unsigned artist on my show before when she was solo and also in the band there is Andy who is the producer and plays the double bass and backing vocals, Beth also joins in with vocals and also plays the banjo and on drums is Jason. I’ve also had the band as an unsigned artist of the week. When I heard that they had new music I jumped at the chance of reviewing the track for you all.

Rise Again starts in their unmistakable country style with wonderful musicianship from the band and fantastic vocals from Molly. The song has a lot of light and shade and it is truly a track I’d love to hear all over again. I love how uplifting the track is and how the song is so feelgood despite what’s going on at the moment in the world we all need a bit of uplifting music to keep us all going. Molly has a fantastic voice and her range is out of this world and the band are one to look out for in country circles especially with the positive message and how empowering it is. I have a smile etched across my face as I am really feeling its message. Thank you, Molly and The Moon, for sending this beautiful track.

I have had this track, Cold Is The Night, when I had Molly and The Moon as my unsigned artists on my show and when she asked me to review the track for the page I was delighted to do it, Molly and the Moon are an Alternative and Uplifting folk and americana band from Gloucestershire and I cant wait to get reviewing the track for you all.

The song starts nice and soft with an uplifting vibe as soon as you hear the first beat, Molly shows off her amazing lead vocal with a soft acoustic guitar accompaniment. I love how you can sway along to the track and let yourself go, it’s such a laid-back track that it’s like a comfort blanket when you hear it. I like the musicianship of the track and everything blends together beautiful with some amazing light and shade and if you like your music stripped back so that you can hear each instrument then you will love this track and how much of a soft vibe it gives off when you listen to it.

Thank you, Molly and the moon, for your amazing track can’t wait to hear more from you all.


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