Megan Dhalai - The River

Had a lovely message the other day from a lovely lady called Megan Dhalai, just a nice catch up as she was due to be on my radio show last month but due to the situation I had to cancel play it sadly but the silver lining is that I get to review it instead for you all here on The Unsigned Reviewer.

The River, beautiful start with soft lyrics and gentle guitar playing, her style is very early Taylor Swift. It gives me a feel of a chilled-out afternoon with easy listening and is a beautiful country style track which is so pretty too. I love Megan’s style it is one for my Spotify playlist and I can’t wait to play this live on air when the time comes to be able to get back on air.

Had an email last week from Megan Dhalai to tell me that she has a new single out for me to review for the website and I am very excited to do it if her new single is just as amazing as her last one. Her new track is called Bluebird.


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