Meeking - Hello Mind EP

We have recently received Hello My Mind, which is the new EP from Glastonbury starlet Meeking. Meeking is a Indie, Blues Rock trio and claim to be hard working, energetic and some of the nicest guys in the industry.

So lets see what Meeking have to offer.

Hello My Mind starts with a very stand out guitar riff at the start of Make You Scream, this grabs your attention straight away before you even start the song. The song itself reminds me a lot of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers in the way the song is structured. This is a very strong opening for the EP and leaves wanting to listen to the rest of the album.

The title track follow this, Hello Mind. I really enjoyed this track, the song has really nice rise and fall, the build up to the chorus is very Indie genre and it fits this band perfectly. I also really enjoyed the guitar solo in the middle section too.

Young Man is next on the EP, the first thing that strikes me is how effective the double vocal is, it makes you take notice of the lyrics more. Again I'm drawing on the Chilli's inspiration with the structure of the song, this structure really does suit the style they are trying to pursue and also matches the vocal from Jake.

The final track on Hello Mind is Live A Life, this song has a Biffy Clyro style to it with the way the bass leads the song. Very clever style of song with the bass, very catchy and very effective.

Overall, Meeking have a very strong EP, the title track is the stand out song for me on this EP, however all four track are very listenable. If you like your Indie Rock music then these guys will be right up your street.


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