Matthew Dunn-Hinterland

Had this album come into my inbox just the other day, this guy is known to us at The Unsigned Reviewer as we have reviewed some of his music before, however this is my first time reviewing his Music so I’m looking to hearing what he has to offer.

So, this is Matthew Dunn he is from Cardiff, South Wales he is a singer songwriter and he describes his music as alternative rock and is influenced by Nirvana, Bruce Springsteen, Alice in Chains and Neil Young. This sounds like he’s got some great things going for him so let’s dive on in and have a listen to his latest Album Hinterland.

The first track on the album is Crestfallen and you can instantly hear his influences in the track and with some heavy guitar and great vocals you’re instantly ready to listen and ready to hear the track in its totality. I love the light and shade and there’s some guitar solo for the readers who love to get out the air guitar. He has such a great voice almost like James Dean Bradfield from the Manic Street Preachers and this could be one of their tracks it is that good and great to listen too.

The Lost Ones this one is a lot more lighter than Crestfallen and again I can hear his influences with lots of great musicianship and plenty of light and shade, the song is very much one I would say could be one from the Cool Cymru era that’s how good it really has my head bopping and I could see thus being a complete hit for anyone who loves that era as much as I did. Gwalia has some influences of funk and soul to it and has a story about it which I could guess was written about his home country of Wales. It has a great story to it, and you get lost in it just thinking about its roots and how amazing that Wales is, and you can hear his pride in it. The musicianship is spot on too and it’s a thumbs up from me.

Without Walls you could listen to this all day and never tire of hearing it as you could call it music for the soul without being too heavy and you can hear the light and shade in this track, the musicianship of this track is one that you can really admire and really hear the influences of Bruce Springsteen in thus track as he has had some track that really take you away from reality like this.

Sheep in Fog back to the heavy style again with plenty of heavy guitar and it gets your head bopping away and also I want to get out the air guitar and join in because this track is infectious and as I said before Matthews music is so like the Manic Street Preachers and if they need a lead singer to stand in Matthew is your man! His music really captures you and this track is no different there’s plenty going on to enjoy. Landscape of Grey an indie influenced track with plenty of light and shade and musicianship to get your heart racing especially with the storytelling of this song you really want to know what’s next and enjoy the story of the whole album.

Hinterland  the title track of the album starts off with some acoustic guitar before the heaver guitar makes its entrance and adds to the drama of the song and it comes alive with musicianship and lots of quirky indie style phrasing and instrumentation to add to the soul of the track. Tomb  this is one is quite softer compared to some of the album and again the indie style and instrumentation plus storytelling has you gripped to see what’s next in the song as you turn corners and find the next beat and more of the story.

To sum up the album I love it as it could have been written in the cool Cymru era and still be a cracker today, he has such a fantastic voice and its been a complete pleasure to review and enjoy the music and the storytelling, Thank you Matthew I cant wait to hear what’s next for you. 


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