Mary Kutter - Panama

I had this come into my inbox just the other day and this lady is a new artist to us at The Unsigned Reviewer so its great to have new artists to review.

So, this is Mary Kutter she is Country singer/songwriter who was born in Kentucky, USA and has now moved to the Country heartland of Nashville. Let’s dive in and have a listen to her sound with her single Panama.

The track starts with a melodic sound and she has some great vocals and a great range in her voice too. The musicianship of the track is spot on as well, the light and shade shows a lot through the song with a lower tone of the verse and a higher pitched chorus. She has a great element of storytelling which you just can’t wait to hear what’s next in the story and you hang onto every word.

The track adds the country vibe and some pop style to her sound and really shows an emotional side and that’s always great as it gives the listener a difference to what most country musicians have and that gives Mary an upper hand.

I really enjoyed this track and can’t wait to hear what’s next for Mary thank you for sending us your track.


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